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"My Vote Can Make a Difference"
“Tattoo Vote”
“Belly Button”
“Dog Ate Homework”
“‘I’ Can Make a Difference”
“Where is She?”
“Yes on S”
“Su Voto es Su Voz”
“You Do Not Exist”
“A Fresh Pair of Eyes”
“We Don’t Have a Dalmation”
“Speak Up”
“Accountability is Key”
“Save San Onofre”
“41 Newspapers”
“Measure BB Mice”
“Lessons Learned”
“A Message From Firefighters”
“Fairness and Safety”
“Many Faces”
“It’s All Ours”
“The Numbers  Tell the Story”
“Citizens for Copper Mountain”
“A Closer Look”
“Newspaper Boxes”
“Two Faces”
“A Little Secret”



Wyman Design has won over 50 prestigious national & international design awards, including:

  • Summit Creative Award

  • AAPC Political Design Award

  • American Design Award,

  • Creativity International Award

  • Addy’s

  • Dotties

  • and more

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